A shared problem calls for a collective response.

The Greater Boston Tenants Union is a collective of tenants across the Boston area who have chosen to remain independent of nonprofits, big foundations, and government funding in order to build power that is responsive to and led by tenants. We are committed to base building and building leadership from the poorest.

Our work is anti-capitalist, in order to resist the power of real estate capital that destroys our homes and our communities. Our work is anti-racist, in order to fight the gentrification and violence of the housing market, which affects the tenants of Boston unequally.

COVID-19 has deepened Boston’s long standing tenants’ rights crisis. On March 31st 2022, the governor and democratic and republican legislators alike allowed the statewide eviction moratorium to expire, all but ensuring a wave of evictions as winter sets in and COVID-19 cases spike.

We are committed to building independent, tenant-led power to push back against all evictions.

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